Spruce Creek Lager

Refreshing American lager with a malty smooth character and low hop bitterness.

ABV 4.7

Apricot Wheat

American wheat ale. Light to medium body. Refreshing. Golden amber with the delicate aroma and flavor of apricot. Perfect any time of year.

ABV 4.7

Red Mo Ale

American red ale. Very malty and crisp. It has all the fun without the AMD (Acid Mine Drainage)! Brewed with Nugget hops for the bittering and late hopped with Liberty.


Mt. Nittany Pale Ale

An American pale ale brewed with Cascade hops and hop-backed with Citra. A real refresher with a spicy, citrus aroma and a slightly nutty malt flavor.


Slab Cabin

A classic American IPA with lots of floral punch and assertive hop presence. Brewed with Nugget and Amarillo hops. Reddish in color thanks to Munich and Aromatic malts.

ABV 6.3

Double D IPA

A big Imperial IPA packed with Columbus and Simcoe hops.

ABV 9.2


Jolly Roger Imperial Stout

Jolly Roger himself blessed this big stout. This is a massive stout with
a huge roasted maltiness with complex smoky, chocolate flavors coming
through strong thanks to the gentle hand-pump and correct cellar

ABV 10.4

Night Owl Coffee Stout

A dry stout brewed with Sumatra Mandheling coffee. This ale combines the smooth dryness of an Irish Stout with the aroma and flavor of rich Coffee. This stout is nitro-poured for a delicious creamy taste.

ABV 6.7

Maibock Lager

An amber-colored spring bock.  Nicely malty character with a good hop flavor.  This big lager will welcome the warmer weather!

ABV 6.1


A south German style wheat ale. This beer is served traditionally cloudy due to the suspended yeast (hefe=yeast). Spicy clove flavors and light banana esters are characteristics of this unique, refreshing  beer.

ABV 4.4


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